Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 IPX67 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

First of all, I want to say, this is an awesome bluetooth speaker!  When I first received the 2015 IPX67 Bluetooth Shower Speaker, I couldn't wait to pair it with my cell phone and begin using it.  I tested it out by playing Pandora on my phone and as soon as I connected Pandora, the speaker instantly picked up on that.

Second, I had my husband call my phone.  When a call comes to your phone and you are listening to music through your Bluetooth Shower Speaker, the music stops and you can answer your phone by pressing the phone button on the speaker.  I could hear and talk with speaker and when you want to end the call, just press the phone button again and the music resumes.

I love the fact that this speaker is waterproof, making it perfect to listen to music in the shower, in the hot tub or out by the pool.  This little gem is so convenient and can be taken anywhere with you that your phone goes.

Below are FEATURES of the product, via the company:

  • Bigger Speaker! Better Sound! Crystal clear sound The 5 KW SPEAKER OVER Delivers flawlessly. Wake Up Singing in shower, Or The Rain!  the backyard, or the pool, our speaker will satisfy the music lover in you. Pairs quickly with Most Bluetooth devices and plays all your favourite tunes from the internet, radio, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, etc.
    Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. So, you can expect charges to be finished within 2-3 hours, giving you an amazing charge for more than 8-10 hours of extended playing time. We used a new battery with an improved capacity of 600 mAh (milliamp hours). Storing more power and more energy than you could ever imagine. This shower speaker is also equipped with Our Very Own Made Bluetooth technology which allows for a seamless connection with your device.
    Relax and take a Long Showers You deserve it.
    EVOAUDIO Bluetooth receiver with built-in Microphone means you can answer your calls without getting out the bath! Perfect for the car where only hands-free devices are allowed. Never miss another phone-call while your hands are wet and you can’t pick up the phone ever again!
  • Always Go For Quality – When Getting a Shower Speaker for yourself or as a special gift for a friend reliability is important right? then do yourself a favor and get one that actually works every-time and lasts. Amphibia EVOAUDIO  Bluetooth Shower Speaker does just that. Expect GREAT Performance coming your way, It has all the independent certifications,
  You can enjoy quality sound music from this Bluetooth Speaker too.  Just visit their Amazon page and get yours today!

*** I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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