Friday, April 24, 2015

Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring Review

If you love hunting, the country and the great outdoors, then this Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage ring would be the perfect fit for you!  This ring is very well made, smooth to the touch and glides onto your fingers, smoothly.  I couldn't get over how smooth the inside of the ring was and how easily it slid on and off.

The detail to the camouflage print on the outside of the ring is stunning!  Beautifully crafted ring and is perfect for both females and guys.  This ring reminds me of Autumn or Fall.  It has an orange and green mixed leaves and woodland look and for those who are into country weddings where camouflage is your theme....This would be the perfect wedding ring!

This ring would also be perfect as a gift to someone who LOVES the country and the outdoors.  It will make a statement to who you are...your personality.  The ring is made with surgical grade stainless steel and has a comfortable fit.  I love how this ring fits and how light it feels on my fingers.

You can find this ring on Amazon. This ring is an 8mm ring and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the metal and a 30 day money back guarantee..

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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