Friday, May 29, 2015

Cyber-Bay Strong Flexible Tripod Stand Review

I do a lot of product reviews...A LOT!  And most require photos of the products and sometimes a video.  Getting myself inside an actual video review can be hard, especially if I don't have the adequate equipment.  Many times, I have to be creative, on how to put myself in the video, when all I have is my cellphone and no prop.  Let me tell you, I've had to get pretty creative...finding boxes the right height, propping my phone against something, hoping it doesn't fall, and so on.

Well..that all has been solved!  Thanks to Cyber-Bay's Strong Flexible Tripod Stand, I no longer have to worry about finding a way to hold my cellphone, while taking a selfie video review.    This Flexible Tripod Stand is ideal for your camera, cellphone, iPad tablet and more.  It's compatible with the iPhone 4s,5,5s,5c,6 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3,S4,S5,S6, Galaxy Note, Nokia, Lg, Htc and Ipad Tablet.

If you noticed above, where I listed the compatible devices, you may iPad tablet? can hold an iPad Tablet.  Here's the photo to show you how:

The Cyber-Bay Strong Flexible Tripod Stand has foam legs with rubber feet for a good grip.  It's very lightweight, but sturdy, and can fit inside your purse to take along with you, where ever you go.  It also comes with a FREE cellphone holder, to hold your phone, while allowing you to take self-timer shots, or just allowing yourself to do a video.

The best thing about the cellphone holder part of this flexible tripod stand...You don't even have to remove your protective case!  How awesome is that?  The cellphone holder will hold phones that are 55mm-85mm wide.  If you're not sure of your phone's dimensions and your phone is not listed above, you can search your phone's dimensions and specs online.

I have an HTC One (M7) and this fits absolutely perfect!  There's no slipping of the phone, I can easily move the legs of the tripod in any direction, even if I have it on an uneven surface. You can adjust and move the cellphone holder part, to accommodate any uneven surface your tripod sits on.

I truly love this little tripod, especially the foam legs and the cellphone holder feature.  You can start enjoying more from your videos and photos, by getting your own Cyber-Bay Strong Flexible Tripod Stand HERE.  

***I received this product, in exchange, for an honest review.

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