Friday, May 29, 2015

Skinny Teatox Review

Lately, I've been a little on the sluggish side, not too bad, but not enough energy like I used to have several years ago.  Blame it on age, blame it on getting on blood pressure meds, or just plain, not being active.

After using the Skinny Teatox for about a week, I've noticed a difference in my energy levels. I'm not saying my energy level is through the roof, but I have had a little more energy than before.  I really love the name...Skinny Teatox.  It's very catching and the label on this product is very appealing.  

I received a 14 day supply of both the Morning Skinny Teatox and the Night time Skinny Teatox.  The Morning Teatox can be taken every morning, in place of your morning coffee or just as an extra drink.  This Morning Skinny Teatox contains caffeine and will give you the energy needed and help aid in weight loss as well as increase your metabolism,  if followed by a proper diet and exercise.

The Night time Skinny Teatox is for the evening time or right before bed.  This teatox does NOT contain caffeine, but will act as a detox for your body.  Keep in mind, you will probably have to get up and go to the bathroom after 4-8 hours after drinking it.  This teatox is to help eliminate and rid your body of waste and will cause bowel movements.  It's recommended to take the Night time teatox every other night.

Both Morning and Nighttime teatox comes in a sealed package.  The Morning teatox is loose tea leaves.  1 tsp is placed in the cute little strawberry tea strainer, to let steep for at least 2-4 minutes.  The Nighttime teatox comes in a form of a tea bag and only 1 bag per cup.

About the Product
14 Day Skinny Teatox:

Our 100% natural 14 Day Teatox is our most popular product - and the #1 teatox in North America (although we ship to most places around the world).

A 14 Day Teatox Help You With:

-Weight loss
-Burn calories
-Boost metabolism
-Suppress appetite
-Increase energy levels

All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Gluten free. GMO free. Nut free.

There have been many many reviews of people losing weight on the Skinny Teatox, but the greatest results come from combining both the Skinny Teatox along with diet and exercise.  It is not recommended to give up exercise or replace exercise with the Skinny Teatox.  As with any diet or supplement, it's recommended you contact your doctor before starting any program.

The 14 Day supply I received, is priced at $32.00.  You can get your Skinny Teatox, both morning and nighttime supply, by visiting  They not only have a 14 day supply, but a 7 day supply as well as a 28 day supply and comes in various flavors, such as mint.  They also have a men's Skinny Teatox!

Don't forget to check them out,  Try the 7 day or 14 day Skinny Teatox and find your energy as well as rid of the extra waste!

***This has been a sponsored post, powered by Brandbacker.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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