Thursday, May 14, 2015

Los Angeles Fold Over Waist LA Palazzo Pants Review

Let me start by saying, I'm a huge Palazzo pants lover! Although I only have two pairs to my name, I love the many endless designs I've seen when it comes to Palazzos.  I especially love how they feel.  They are light, airy, comfy and look great on just about anyone.

I could wear Palazzo pants daily.  You can easily move in them...the legs are loose and not snug, like some jeggings or tights.  I was thrilled to receive MY pair of Palazzo pants, courtesy of LA Palazzo of

LA Palazzo sent me a complimentary pair of Palazzo pants, in exchange, for an honest review.  My first pair of Palazzo pants I bought, were from a local boutique and I ended up purchasing a Large.  I recently gained a little weight, so I was concerned that the Large I received from LA Palazzo, may be too snug or wouldn't fit.  That wasn't the case.  These LA Palazzo pants fit perfectly!  

I love the fold down waist of these Palazzo pants.  They fold down, just as the Yoga pants do and this feature, actually seems to make the pants fit better and even camouflage the tummy area.  The pants are light and airy, thin and well made.  These are probably one of the most comfortable and well fitted Palazzo pants I've tried.

As you can see, the print I ended up with, was the Blue, Navy, Pink.  It has swirls of pink, shades of navy and a cornflower blue and even a little black.  I first paired the pants with a pink shirt, but decided that was a little much.  I needed a solid colored shirt to tone down the Palazzo pants.  I decided on my thin, black shirt, that's just about worn out.  It matched perfectly! 

LA Palazzo, on, has many many designs, prints and colors to choose from. Their pants of high quality and if you are short, like me, these pants legs can be trimmed to fit, without being too long.  That's what I had to do when I received mine.

LA Palazzo has complimentary shipping on all their Palazzo pants, meaning, shipping is FREE!  Their pants are Authentic and made in the USA.  Bottom of pants are untrimmed, for a custom fit and are made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.  

Waist Sizes: Small       26-28 
                          Medium  28-30
                          Large       31-33  
Inseam:                         32

Go check out LA Palazzo on Amazon and find your perfect colors!  You will find that there are many to choose from and you're sure to find your perfect match. 

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