Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Faces Beautiful Brush On Liquid Mineral Makeup Review

I love makeup!  And I especially love a foundation, that I find, that gives me a flawless look, a total finish and doesn't look caked on or bring attention to my fine lines around my eyes.  I'm always looking for that perfect foundation.  To me, a perfect foundation sets the grounds for the rest of your makeup to look perfect and well blended.

Faces Beautiful has a brush on liquid makeup, that is mineral based and goes on with a squeeze of the tube.  I will admit, this is the first I've seen a foundation, that you just brush on.  I was kind of leery at first, when I seen how this liquid mineral foundation was applied.  At first I thought...This is not going to go on and blend smoothly.  Boy was I wrong!  I loved how easy it was to apply and even more, how well it blended!

Yes, at first, I may have squeezed a little too much onto the brush, but then I found, that was easily solved.  All I had to do, was brush the foundation all over my face, until well blended and then took the extra and applied it to where I needed more.  The makeup was a perfect color and tone to my skin, as I have light to medium skin, so I ended up with the Radiant Beige.  What I also love about this makeup, it was neither too greasy, oily or thick.  It was the perfect consistency, for me.

The tube has an On/Off cap.  When you want to apply the liquid mineral makeup to the brush, turn the cap to On.  When you have dispensed the right amount of makeup, then turn the cap to Off.  This will prevent any extra from coming out of the tube.  The brush part of the foundation does not need to be cleaned or washed.  There's no need in using your fingers or a sponge to smooth the foundation out, as this is all taken care of by the brush.

To me, this is pretty close, if not better, than the Cover Girl BB Tinted Moisturizer I am using now.  I love this stuff!  And the makeup stays on all day!  Faces Beautiful Brush On Liquid Mineral Makeup gives you that flawless look, is water-proof and improves the texture of your skin.  They have three color tones you can choose from.  Radiant Beige for Sallow Skin, Healthy Nude for skin with a little pink in their skin and Sun Glow for those who are very tan, Indian or Hispanic.

You can purchase your Faces Beautiful Brush On Liquid Mineral Makeup, HERE.  I can honestly say, this is one of the best foundations I've used in a long time!

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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