Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Soap.Club Review

I love different types of fragrances soaps, soaps that are not just your typical store bought kind.  I love soaps that are hand crafted and home made, that not only has natural ingredients, but also have their own unique scents and colors.  I will admit, if I see a soap that is 'pretty in color', I typically am drawn to it.

This Soap that I received, was the Plumeria Island Escape scent.  It is a pretty pinkish swirl bar of soap, that is larger and perfect square shaped.  The scent is awesome!  As soon as I removed the soap from it's box, you could instantly smell it.  It has this wonderful floral relaxing scent that I can't get enough of!

This soap is by Soap.club and they have many many scents to choose from, such as: Plumeria Island Escape, Kona Coffee, Summer Citrus Fruit, Sweet Pea and many more. Soap.club ages their soap up to 6 weeks and is made with the purest ingredients that will waken up your senses.  Soap.club makes every single bar by hand, from the stirring to the actual shaping and boxing of their soaps. They take pride in what they do,and it shows in their product.

The soaps are cold pressed, to enhance the fragrance.  When you use the soap, it lathers really really well and feels almost like lotion.  If you think this soap smells wonderful when you first open it up, wait until you lather up with it.  It's like being indulged by the fragrance.

You can check out other soaps by Soap.club by visiting their site.  

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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