Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bestal Women's Maxi Skirt One-piece Dress Review

As many of you may know now, I'm a big fan of Bestal (Fulsen's) clothing.  They have some of the most awesome clothes and accessories that I love, that fit the way I want.  Their clothes are comfortable and flattering and I love everything I've tried by them.  Bestal (Fulsen) can be found on Amazon.  They also have a line, Xinliya, that I love as well!

The dress shown below, is the Bestal Women's Maxi Dress, that is a one-piece with an elastic waist.  I ordered a Large in this dress, but when I received it and took it out of the package, I was a bit scared.  The dress looked like a small...very small...and I instantly thought, no way this dress will fit me.  I was WRONG!  This dress has an incredible stretch to it and the waist band made my waist look small!  The dress is so light and comfortable!  I actually thought this dress made me look smaller.  I was a very very happy girl when I tried it on.  I was very shockingly pleased at the result!

The Bestal Women's Maxi Skirt One Piece Dress has a slim fit with a stretchy material.  The material is a blend of 65% cotton and 35% Polyester.  The dress hits me right below my knees and is perfect for a family gathering or just to wear to work.  It is sleeveless and has a tank top style to it.  I chose the Navy Blue with white polka dots, but there are many more styles that you can choose from, if you are not a polka dot fan.

I can tell you, I will be wearing this dress on more than one occasion.  It's perfect for any outing.  I just can't get over the comfort and fitting of this dress!  Here are just a few more styles of this dress.

You can check out this dress and more by going

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