Saturday, August 22, 2015

Xinliya Women Winter Ski Stretch Knit Crochet Braided Hat Beret

Not to rush Summer away or anything like that, but Fall and Winter will soon be showing their faces soon.  Two more months for Fall and just a couple months after, Winter will be here.  When it comes to dressing warm for these seasons, scarfs, gloves, light jackets and even head wear become a necessity.  But that doesn't mean you can't dress fashionable for these seasons!  Scarfs, caps, berets and leggings are all fashionable pieces that you will see these next few months.

You may have seen post about this one company, Xinliya, before.  They have some cool and fashionable items that I really love, such as this Women's Knit Crochet Braided Beret.  This is one of the cutest berets I've seen when it comes to knitted caps.  Not only is it braided and knitted, but it is adorned with a braided rope like attachment that has two buttons at each end.  This little detail sets this knitted beret apart from all the others.  

The Xinliya Women Winter Ski Stretch Knit Crochet Braided Beret is made with woolen yarn and comes in two colors...Gray and White.  I have the Gray beret and it is perfect for fall and winter and will go with just about anything.  The white beret is cute as well and looks more is also adorned with the same brown braided rope like feature and really makes the white beret stand out.

The hat is so soft, stretchable and fits perfectly on my head (and trust me, I have a head full of thick hair!).  The knitted crochet beret is woven thick, so it's not too thin and is thick enough to keep your head and ears warm.  This Xinliya beret seems to be made of good quality material and seems to hold up well, even when stretched to fit the head.

I love this hat.  It's so stylish, warm and I love the small detail they added to it, to keep it from looking plain and like all the others.  The only problem is...I'm going to have a hard time hiding this away from my daughter!  I will never see it again if she gets her hands on it.

Want your own Xinliya Stretch Knitted Crochet Braided Beret?

I received a complimentary cap, in exchange,for my honest review.  All opinions are always 100% my own.

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