Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Colors of 60 Micro LED String Lights

Lights, lights, lights.  I love lights and I love to decorate with them!  Lights, to me, is almost bling, and if you know me, I love bling!  The lights shown below, are 5 Colors of 60 Micro LED String lights.  They are by RTGS Products and they can be found on Amazon.  

The lights I received were the Blue, Pink, Green, Red and Cold White Lights.  They all are on a thin green wire, which is bendable, so arranging these is a breeze!  I love that these lights can bend any way I want them, instead of regular lights, that have a regular cord.  These 60 Micro LED String Lights are over 21 feet long for each strand and have a Timer Feature.

The Timer Feature allows the lights to stay on for 6 hours and then will automatically turn off for 18 hours.  They also have 8 functions: Steady, Slow Fade, Combination, Wave, Sequential, Chasing/Flashing, Twinkle/Flash, Steady On and Off.  There is a 9th function that I noticed on the box.  It, too, is Slow Fade.  Not sure about this, but all I know, the lights are very bright and very pretty when lit.  I want to call them Fairy Lights, because the lights are so dainty and thin and look like little drops.

Each box requires 6 AA batteries (not included) and will stay on continuously, up to 14 hours with new batteries.  They have over 20 years Life Span and use fraction of energy than normal lights.  They are perfect for the outdoors or indoors and can be submersed in water....that's right..they can be submersed in water!  BUT....the battery box itself CANNOT be submersed.  

I plan on hanging these pretties up in my hot tub room.  I have a hot tub located outside, in it's own little building, and these would look amazing hanging from the rafters!  I can't wait to hang these up...MAYBE THIS WEEKEND!

I do want to mention, these 5 colors have to be purchased separately.  I received 5 colors in all, so check out the link above and choose the colors you need.  Right now, these are $10.95 on Amazon PLUS FREE SHIPPING.

***I received one or more items above, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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