Thursday, October 15, 2015

Electric Operated Pencil Sharpener - Home, Office & School

Previously, I've written about the battery operated pencil sharpeners I've received from Bo Toys & Gifts, from Amazon.  Although the battery operated pencil sharpeners are colorful, work really well and can be easily taken with you, these electric pencil sharpeners are a little larger and will, of course, require a socket to plug them into, meaning, it may be more convenient to leave the sharpener where it will be used the most.

I love all the different pencil sharpeners I've reviewed.  They are all so different!  I actually enjoyed testing and playing with each one, as the only pencil sharpener I've ever used were the packaged ones you get from the store or ones mounted to a wall in a school room (which were decades ago!)

The pencil sharpener shown, is an electric pencil sharpener, like the others, is very colorful!  I always like the clear see through sharpeners, as you can see what's going on inside.  The color of this sharpener is a mix of blues and greens with a hint of yellow.  This is a fun colored pencil sharpener and will more than likely, become my favorite.  The advantage and pros of the electric pencil sharpener, is that it is electric and you don't have to invest in batteries, knowing that you will eventually have to purchase more when they decide to just quit.

As with all the other sharpeners I've reviewed, this too, is from Bo Toys and Gifts.  They have fun and trendy looking pencil sharpeners, both battery and electric operated.  This particular one has a cool and contemporary design and has three sharpening points.  It has an Auto-Stop feature that prevents over sharpening.  How many times have we sharpened pencils, only to have them break and then to resharpen? 

Another safety feature, if you remove the shaving tray, the pencil sharpener will not work.   This will prevent the sharpener from working when not in use.  I thought about giving this away as a gift, but after seeing it in person and after unboxing, I'm keeping this one!

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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