Monday, October 19, 2015

Little Squeeze Me Reusable Food Pouches - 5 Pack

Going green has become very popular today.  Going green can mean reusing what you already have, conserving energy and resources and recycling.  Going green involves many more things, then what I have listed.  The main importance of going green, is to do what we can, to help minimize harm to the earth and environment, to stop wasting and to start recycling.

Little Squeeze Me gets the idea.  They have come out with this pack of 5, reusable food pouches.  These Little Squeeze Me food pouches are very durable and are BPA, PVC Phthalate and Lead free.  Little Squeeze Me realized that throwing away food pouches or bags is a waste and is doing nothing to help preserve our Earth's environment. These food pouches can be reused over and over again, they are dishwasher safe as well as freezer safe.

These Little Squeeze Me Food pouches hold up to 6 ounces.  They are perfect for children and adults alike.  You can use these for portion control meals, protein drinks, freezing snacks and meals in advance and so much more.  All you have to do, is remove from the freezer, thaw the pouch in warm water to defrost and your set to go.  These pouches are perfect for filling.  They are Self Standing pouches, allowing you to easily fill the pouch. They have a top zipper (to prevent any leakage), back label for name, date and the contents, round edges to  make it easier for children to hold and a Clear Fill line on the back of the pouch with measurement markings.

What better way to get your kids to eat or slurp their favorite thing, than put it in a Little Squeeze Me pouch! Whether you're on the go or busy at home, these pouches are perfect for a mess free treat!  

I found that these Little Squeeze Me pouches are so easy to use.  The directions on how to use these are found on the box, that they come in.  I love the design and color of these pouches!  So neat!  

To use:  
Close zipper, remove cap and blow into spout, to expand the pouch to it's full shape.
Spoon or pour in food through the wide top zipper opening, up to 6 ounce fill line.

To Freeze: 
Just close the zipper top, put the cap back on the bag and freeze.  When ready to remove from freezer, that the pouch in a bowl of warm water or use the frozen pouch as an ice pack in the cooler and it will be ready by lunch.

To Clean:
Open the zipper. remove the cap and rinse with warm water, expand pouch, turn upside down and place on top rack.

Tip #1 - When filling the pouches, put a spoon or two of food then expand the bottom of the pouch to open and fill up to 6 ounces. By doing this, the base stays open and can self stand. If the base is not manually spread out, then the pouch will not be able to hold 6 ounces

Tip #2 - While filling the pouches with food, if some food gets on the outside simply seal the pouch and rinse it under water

Tip #3 – Use a bottle brush to thoroughly clean the pouch with the base expanded opened. Use a nipple brush to clean the spout and to get the stubborn bits out. Continue to have the base opened and dry it in the drainer cup holder or put a small whisk in the pouch and place it upside down in a cup. The key to drying the pouches is to create airflow.

So convenient, so easy to use and a must have for little ones!  

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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