Friday, November 20, 2015

DGtle Anti-Scratches TPU Gel Premium Slim Flexible Soft Bumper Rubber Protective Case Cover for #HTC One A9 (2015)

Most people with cell phone knows, when you get a new cell phone, you want to protect it as much as you can from scratches and dings.  I'm the type of person that loves to actually be able to see my cell phone.  I mean, I got an upgrade and I love the looks of my new phone, so why hide it with a cell phone case cover?  I know, I's all about protecting your phone!

Well, I still get to see my upgraded HTC One A9, even with these cell phone case covers! These cases, shown below, are the Anti-Scratch TPU Gel Premium Slim Flexible Soft Bumper Rubber Protective Case for the HTC One A9.  Now, don't get all upset...DGtle, from Amazon, has these same case covers for many other phones, not just for the HTC One.  I am totally in love with these cases.  They are see through, gel like and thin case covers that protect the back of my phone from scratches and dings.  The cases fit PERFECTLY with my HTC One A9.  All the cutouts perfectly line up where they should.

As you can see, I received five (5) colors: Pink, Purple, Clear, Black and Mint.  I'm currently using the Mint right now.  These covers just snap on over your phone, still allowing access to your camera, speakers, cell phone jack and control buttons.  The clear colors enhances your phone without being bulky.  It has a slim fit with shock absorbing, anti-scratching and shatterproof with the comfortable touch feel.  I did notice, that with these covers on my phone, my phone didn't slip from my hand as easily and it made for a better grip.

You can purchase these cases from DGtle, from Amazon, in your phone choice.  They have covers for Samsung, iPhone, Nexus and more.  Go check them out HERE!

***I received one or more of the products above, for testing purposes, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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