Saturday, November 21, 2015

LUVVITT® ULTRA ARMOR Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

Are you looking for a rugged case for your Samsung device?  Specifically, your Samsung Galaxy S6?  Well, LUVVITT on Amazon, has many many cover cases to choose from.  Not only do they have protective cases for your Samsung Galaxy S6, but they have cases for other phones as well.  The case I have, shown below, is for the Galaxy S6.  It's rugged, full bodied case, helps protect your Galaxy S6 from dings and scratches and protects the side of your phone as well, with the air pocket bumper.

What are Air Pocket Bumpers you ask?  Air Pocket Bumpers are raised guard corners that elevate both faces of your Samsung Galaxy S6 , protecting the screen, as well as the camera.  These Air Pocket Bumpers are found on each corner of the case.  The case has a rufffled, textured side, that allows better grip of your phone.  The case is made of flexible TPU rubber inner case with a hard polycarbonate back cover and has a built in screen protector.  

The LUVVITT Ultra Armor case also comes with three interchangeable plates for the back of your case....Gold, Silver and Black.  When you get tired of one color, just pull the plate off and attach a different one.  I love this feature of this case!  It allows you to change up the look of it whenever you want.  I also love how this case feels and fits in the hand.  It has a solid grip and fits nicely in the hands.  And what's best about this rugged, full bodied Samsung Galaxy S6 case, is that it's backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  

I don't know about you, but when a company backs their product up by a Lifetime Warranty, they are pretty confident about their product and it gives me that one extra push to purchase an item with that kind of warranty.  If you are looking for a case for your cell phone, one that not only has the air pocket bumpers to protect your screen and camera, but one that comes with a built in screen protector and a LIFETIME WARRANTY, you need to check out LUVVITT on Amazon.  They have cases for iPhones, Galaxy S6 Edge as well as back covers for iPads plus many more items.


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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