Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fit Wrapz - Sports Nutrition Meals

I'm very leery about a food product that I really like, known to be unhealthy, to become a nutritious and healthy meal.  Burritos, whether their for breakfast or for lunch or supper, are a very convenient, fast and the meal I enjoy at least once a week.  I usually feel a little guilty eating my breakfast burritos, as they are packed with sausage, cheese, lettuce and egg stuffed in a white tortilla shell.

Now, I don't have to feel as guilty.  These Fit Wrapz, by Fit Wrapz, Inc. are not only absolutely delicious and fulfilling, but they are nutritious and contain tons of protein, fiber and low in calories.  My favorite was the Original Breakfast Burrito.  It was packed with ground turkey, cheese, onion, red potatoes, egg whites and whole wheat tortilla.  Let me tell you...this burrito was very well seasoned, was not greasy at all, and was very very filling.  I could barely eat the whole burrito.  The burrito is also a very generous size burrito, which I love.

The Original Breakfast Burrito has 6g of fiber, 25g protein and 350 calories.  My next favorite was the Green Chili Burrito.  Every one of these burritos are very very good and I was very pleasantly surprise on how good that tasted.  Personal trainer and nutrition counselor, Shige Toyoguchi, developed the Fit Wrapz to provide a convenient and nutritious meal that is not only delicious, but has the macronutrients balance to fuel elite athletes.  There are four Fit Wrapz flavors: Original Breakfast Burrito, Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar, Green Chili Chicken and Barbeque Chicken.  

These Fit Wrapz boosts energy, ready in less than 3 minutes, perfect meal for any time of day, 51% Whole Grain, Low sodium and Low Sugar, contain only 350-380 calories and low in cholesterol and saturated fats.  They arrive at your home in a styrofoam box, packed with ice.


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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