Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Basico Women Winter Warm Knit Long #Scarf Shawl

I love my scarves!  Any color, shape, fashion or form, they all accent and compliment my wardrobe.  To me, a scarf adds that finishing touch to an outfit.  There are lighter scarves for the spring and summer and then there are the thicker, heavier scarves for Fall and Winter. The scarf, shown below, is the Basico Women Winter Warm Knit Long Scarf Shawl.  It has the length and width to be the popular blanket scarf, but it can also be work as an infinity scarf or be worn just hanging down the sides.  

I like to wear it several ways.  As shown in the photo, I have took  each end (opposite ends) and tied a small knot, giving it the infinity look.  I then twisted and then turned the scarf, allowing it to hang down, almost like a handkerchief.  This is normally how a blanket scarf is worn. can wear it several ways, even turning it into a vest!

The Basico Knit Scarf shown, is very lightweight.  It's not thick at all and has that rugged, rag like look, which I absolutely love!  Once wrapped around, it becomes a little thicker, yet keeps your neck nice and warm.  You will want to hand wash this in cold water and allow to hand dry.  The scarf is made of 100% viscose, which is a semi-synthetic fiber, also formerly known as Rayon.  Dimensions of the scarf is approximately 70" x 27.5".  The scarf is very soft to the touch and there are many colors and variations to choose from, just check out Timk Inc on Amazon.  Not only do they have this Basico Knit Scarf, but other scarves as well!

The color shown in the photo is the Beige-Coffee (hey, don't hold it against me, I'm a coffee addict, even when it comes to clothing!) Other colors available are: White, Green, Navy-Black, Pink, Coffee-Brown, Black-Navy, Grey and Mustard Yellow.  I love how this scarf looks.  The ends have that frayed, edgy look, with the material being solid in certain areas and thinner in others.  This color (Coffee-Brown) goes well with majority of my clothes and would look great against turquoise or teal, not to mention many other colors.

If you would like to get your hands (or neck, in this case) on this awesome scarf, head on over to Amazon and spy on what Timk has to offer!


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.

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