Friday, January 8, 2016

StarryBay Smart-watch Phone

Smart devices are becoming more popular today.  You have the drones, fitbits and now the smart watch.  The watch, shown below, is the Starry Bay Smart Watch Phone.  It acts almost just like your smart phone, but is in a form of a watch.  The first thing I liked about this watch, is the wide white band.  It's a durable sturdy plastic like band, that is very flexible and has many holes in the band, to adjust it to your wrist.

It has a touchscreen display that is in full color, with several icons already loaded for your use.  Some of the icons include the sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, calculator, steps, messages, settings, phone book and more. You can answer or dial calls from your watch and supports hands free calls. When you sync your watch with your cell phone by bluetooth, you can then see who is calling from your watch...same goes for messages.  If using this watch with an Android, some of the functions you can expect are:

     * Supports anti-lost
     * Phonebook 
     * Fundo
     * Remote Camera 
     * Notification push including emails, calls, Facebook & Twitter

For iOS:
     * Supports music player
     * hands free/ making calls

If you plan on using this watch with the iPhone, it only supports partial functions such as: Pedometer, Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, Clock, Stopwatch, Music Player, Hands free, etc. 

The Starry Bay Smart Watch Phone comes with a small pamphlet, showing what each button or function is.  It will explain that you need to download an app, either from Google Play or Apple Store, to use with this watch.  The app is called, BT Notification or BT Notifier.  This app will allow some of the features work on your watch.  

I will admit, I played with this watch for an hour or so, just to get the feel of all the features. Setting the time was easy. I just went to the Setting icon on the watch and set everything up. Syncing was quite easy as problems there, but I did find out, after trying to get my messages and call history on this watch, that after I downloaded the BT Notification app and synced (or thought I did, anyways), that I had to reboot my phone as well as the watch. After that, everything works just fine.  

I'm still tinkering with this watch phone, to see if there is anything else I can do with it.  I love that I can just have my phone (watch) with me at all times, even when I don't have my phone.  I love the color, I love how it looks and feels on my wrist.  Sure, you can go ahead and buy the Apple Watch...but let me tell you, you will get almost the same thing with this watch, but at a very low low fraction of what the Apple watch will cost you.  Right now, this particular watch, sold by Wang De XIAO on Amazon, is only $44.99 with FREE SHIPPING. 


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% and solely my own.

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