Friday, February 5, 2016

A4F Winter Fashion Double-Face Solid Color Gray Pashmina #Scarf

As you may know by now, I'm a big fan of scarves...Shawl, blanket, silky, name it, if it goes well with an outfit, I love them.  Scarves are not just to keep us warm during the winter, but also serves as an accent or complimentary piece to our wardrobes.  Scarves are not just for women, either.  Men can wear scarves to dress up that work or trench coat and to keep their neck's warm while traveling.  Now, you probably won't see a guy wearing a wide shawl or blanket scarf, but you will see them wearing the more solid or stripe pattern.

The scarf shown below is the Winter Fashion Double-Face Solid Gray Pashmina Scarf.  It is a solid black scarf on one side and a gray color on the opposite side.  The ends of the scarf are barely frayed, giving this scarf a finished look.  The scarf is really wide, wide enough to be considered a blanket scarf.  The material is a smooth fabric that is made of 40% cashmere and 60% modal.  Modal is a rayon type material, semi-synthetic, which is used alone or with other fabrics.

This scarf is perfect or Winter, Fall and Spring and brings a comfy and compact style.  For those who love just a solid colored scarf, this would be the one.  There are many ways you can wear this scarf, just as with any other.  You can place it around the neck and let is just hang on each side, you can wrap it around once and let it hang to each side and even wrap it around and then tuck it over the other end.  The possibilities are endless.  The black and gray solid pashmina scarf goes well with any color.  The black and gray are your basic neutral colors, that will look well with colors such as yellow, gray, black, taupe or any other color.

The Winter Fashion Double-Face Solid Gray Pashmina Scarf is sold by A4F Betterlife on Amazon.  The scarf is available in two colors...Gray Black, like you see here and Yellow Gray.  Both are nice looking scarves, simple, yet will go well with just about anything.  This scarf is ideal for both men and women.  Check out A4F Betterlife on Amazon for other items that may appeal to you.


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are solely my own.

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