Monday, February 22, 2016

Baby Pillow Pets

Every little baby and child deserves his or her own pillow.  Not just their own pillow, but a personalized one that states that pillow belongs to just them.  And what's better than a personalized pillow for your child...a Pillow Pet!

These adorable, cute pillow pets are handmade with care by Mirabellacreates on Etsy. If you aren't familiar with Etsy, Etsy is a place (online) that focuses on handmade items, created by people like you and me.  At Mirabellacreates, you will find several pillow pets that can be customized to your own child's likes.  You can have their names or a special saying, monogrammed right onto the pillow. These pillow pets are are so soft!  On the bottom of each pet is a velcro, that you can fasten to the other side, to turn the pillow into a pet.  When your little one is ready to lay down for the day to take a nap, just unfasten the velcro and the pillow lays flat, just the right size for your child's head.  The pillow opens up to 11 inches.

All Pillow Pets, created by Mirabellacreates, are handmade.  They are soft and plush and each pillow pet has their own distinctive look. The pillow pets are made of a super soft chenille material. The pillow pets shown here are Ms. Sassy Cat, Jolly Giraffe, Silly Monkey.  Other pillow pets that Mirabellacreates has to offer include: Tropical Parrot, Wiggly Pig, Nutty Elephant, Sharky Shark, Fiery Dragon, Rexy-Rex Dinosaur, Cozy Cow, Zippity Zebra, Huggable Hippo, Friendly Frog and Chocolate Moose. They are all so cute and adorable and you can't just pick one!  

You can choose which pet you want and then choose the color of lettering.  Nicole, the owner of Mirabellacreates on Etsy, will answer any question you may have and encourages you to send her a message if you need something personalized.  These Pillow Pets make great gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day and for Christmas.  Don't just grab one, but grab a couple!  These pillow pets are probably the most reasonably priced pillows you will find. Nicole does an excellent job of creating just want you want and I can assure you, your child will have a hard time putting this soft and cuddly pillow pet down!

Go check out Mirabellacreates on Etsy.  There, you will not only find these adorable pillow pets, but many other personalized items as well.  Don't forget to connect with Mirabellacreates for future items that may be added to her store.


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***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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