Monday, February 8, 2016

Gray Tearney Sweater by Sweet Se7ven

I love a good sweater, just like any gal, especially on those cool Autumn and Winter days.  I love the sweater to be loose, but not too baggy but I also love a sweater that has a little stretch to it, so as not to be too tight. I love sweaters that has their own style...something different, and that is what I got with Sweet Se7ven's Tearney sweater.

The Sweet Se7ven Tearney sweater is a long sleeve gray sweater that has a delicate white lace sewn onto the sweater.  The white lace begins on the front of the sweater, in a V-shaped pattern and continues on each sleeve as well as on the back shoulder area.  It's a really cute sweater that can be dressy or casual, depending if you wear it with jeans or leggings.  

It has a round scoop neck and I love how the sweater conforms to my body.  It's not too tight and does have a little stretch to it, that I like.  I like the gray color, as it seems this a color that will go great with any other color.  I can pair it up with black, gray white or even burgundy leggings, as shown in the photo.  

Sweet Se7ven has many fashionable women clothing.  Their site breaks down the styles they receive each week or month, as well as new arrivals.  I've tried looking for this sweater on their site, after receiving it, but cannot find it.  I assume once they receive new arrivals, that some items may be discontinued (or at least not shown for that month) anymore.  Either way, you will find tons of fashionable clothing on their site.  If you are looking for a tunic, dress, leggings or seasonal wear, Sweet Se7ven has you covered.  

I love the style of Sweet Se7ven clothes.  They range from casual to dressy and always seem to have the trendiest clothing available.  You can shop by all collections, new arrivals or collections for that week.  I really love the Bradlee Hoodie they have.  It's a gray sweat shirt like hoodie with gold sequins on the front. Perfect for holiday parties or New Year Eve, that sweatshirt is very stylish!


What styles are you into?  What is your favorite Must-Have?  I'd like to hear your thoughts!


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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