Thursday, March 10, 2016

Baby Womb World Sling

Welcome to the new way of carrying your baby in comfort and style!  Although you moms love to be as close and near to your little loved one during their first months, having an easier and more comfortable way of carrier you baby is sometimes a must.  There are times when you may have your little one in your arms for hours at a time and what better way of keeping your baby close (while being comfortable for both mom and baby), then to have your little one resting nicely in a baby sling.

This baby sling, shown here, is by Baby Womb World.  Baby Womb World has designed a premium baby sling that will allow you to carry your baby, while keeping him/her content and at peace, as well as feeling safe.  The Baby Womb World Baby Sling is easy to put on and take off and very easy to use.  There are steel rings, that allow you to adjust the sling to your liking.  The sling is a little over 2 yards long with a 16 inch adjustable strap.  

This baby sling is perfect if you have a baby that is fussy, cries or struggles to sleep.  It allows your baby to feel safe, while being close to his or her mother.  There is extra padding on the sides of the sling that makes it more comfortable for the baby, as well as for the mother while carrying the baby.  It lessens the load off of the shoulders. Research shows, that babies that are carried in a sling or wrap, cry less, sleep more peacefully, nurse better and gain weight better.  

This sling, by Baby Womb World, is made of a blend of high quality cotton and spandex, that allows for elasticity, comfort and shock absorption and consist of a single layer of material that makes the sling more breathable and prevents baby from overheating. This sling can be used by both, mom and dad, and makes for the perfect baby shower gift.

You Can Purchase Your Baby Womb World Sling, HERE!

***I received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% and solely my own.

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