Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Longil Engraved - Family, My Pride and Joy Silvertone and Gold Tone Family Tree Necklaces

I love it when a company contacts me and wants me to review products for them.  I especially love it when the product, itself, has to do with fashion, jewelry and baby items.  As like many gals, I love a nice piece of jewelry.  A piece of jewelry that will go with just about anything I wear and that will compliment most colors.  There are times where I want a bulky statement necklace (on occasion) and then there are those days where I just want a simple, yet elegant looking necklace.  Longil has two necklaces that I really love.  They are almost similar, but also different in their own ways.  

This necklace, shown below, is by Longil.  It is a simple silver tone necklace that has an oval shape, with the words; Family My Pride and Joy, engraved around the sides of the necklace.  I love this necklace, because it's silver tone and for me, silver tone goes great with any attire.  I also love this necklace, because from far away or even up close, you may not see the engraved words, but you know they are there and you know this necklace has special meaning.

This necklace would make the perfect gift for someone, someone that you hold very special and you consider a part of your family.  The necklace has a tree symbol, symbolizing the Family Tree.  The chain on then necklace is 17.7" with a 1.7" extended chain.  The necklace comes with it's own black velvet pouch, perfect for storing your necklace when not in use or just for giving as a gift.

You can purchase yours HERE!

If you like the necklace above, you may also like this other necklace by Longil. It is the Silver and Gold tone Family Tree Necklace, but with a more rounded pendant instead of the oval shaped pendant above and the Family Tree inside the pendant is gold tone.  It has the words: Family Live Laugh Love.  Both necklaces are great looking, but has their own different uniqueness.  

The Longil Silver and Gold Tone Family Tree Necklace has a 16" link chain with a 1.7" chain extension.  It also comes with it's own black velvet pouch for storing or for gift giving.  If you can't decide on one, why not get both!  Both necklaces are only $9.99 on Amazon.  Click on the Purchase links to get yours today.

Purchase Here

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% and solely my own.

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