Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baby Burp Cloths by Starline Boutique - #burpcloths

We, as mothers, all know that you can never EVER get enough burp cloths. From the time your baby is born til the time your little one reaches the age where he or she is no longer drooling, you will go through tons of these gems. Some babies are spitters, some are droolers and then you have some babies who barely spit up at all.  Protecting your baby's clothes (and yours) is just one of the many times you will find your self reaching for these burp cloths.

This pair of burp cloths are hand made by Star Vanderham, from Starline Boutique, on Etsy.  Star has many designs to choose from and the design shown here, is the Sock Monkey and Chevron pattern in Teal and Aqua.  This design is perfect for both baby boys and baby girls that features little sock monkeys on an Aqua Teal colored fabric. The back of the burp cloth is made of a very soft and stretchy fabric, called Minky.  A lot of bibs, burp cloths and baby blankets are being made with Minky, as it's ultra soft and becoming very popular among mommies and babies.  

The burp cloths are soft to the touch and very adorable.  The stitching seems to be even, all around the burp cloth and I love the strip of monkey fabric that goes down the cloth.  Each burp cloth has the Starline Boutique tag, stitched into the burp cloth, for that extra personalized touch.  The burp cloths are 17" x 10".  They are very absorbent and ready to clean up even the messiest spills.  

        *  All Fabric is pre-washed using a free and clear product to prevent shrinkage.
        *  All items are made in a smoke-free studio.
        *  Top stitched for durability
        *  17" long and 10" at the widest part.

        Care Instructions:

    Machine wash in cool water, gentle cycle and tumble dry low or air dry.  
      High heat is not recommended if trying to maintain the Minky fabric 
      character.  Do not iron the Minky fabric side.

You can purchase this set or other burp cloths, HERE!

***I received a complimentary item, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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