Tuesday, April 12, 2016

JISEN Baby Photo Props - #MustHave for that perfect #photo

What's cuter than a professional baby photo done with adorable photo props.  These days, a lot of baby photos are being done with some sort of props, whether it be a newborn on a soft cuddly blanket, a newborn or baby inside a tub or a baby wearing these cute, adorable props below.

These photo props below, have become very popular with babies and photos.  They are designed for the baby to wear, while capturing the perfect picture.  Most of the time, when I see a baby wearing these, they are asleep, which make it even more adorable and sweet, especially the baby animal props.  Below, we have the baby dinosaur, puppy, turtle and a colorful hat with a long tail with a fluffy pom pom end.

Each of these are sold by JISEN, on Amazon, and there are plenty more of these photo props to choose from.  JISEN has a wide range of baby photo props, as that's what they specialize in.  Each one of these wearable photo props are very well made and are snugly knitted.  I have not found any loose or worn out yarn in any of their products and love how soft and nice these props feel.

If you are a professional photographer, or just a parent who wants that unique and sweet baby photo, these props are perfect to start out with.  You can even have your little one dressed up in one of these props, while laying on a fur rug or blanket.  You can use these as an indoor or outdoor prop to capture a different photo background.

Each woven and knitted photo prop comes in its own sturdy zip lock bag, perfect for storing away the outfit when not in use.  Take a look at all the cute photo props that JISEN has to offer.  They are just too adorable to pass up!

Purchase HERE!

AND...if you are not a fan of the animal photo props or photo props in general, JISEN has these white onesies.  The onesies shown here are for a 12 month old, but are available in other sizes, as well as other colors.  You can check out their onesies, HERE!  These onesies come in a 2 and 4 pack...sleeveless, short or long sleeves.

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are solely my own.

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