Thursday, May 19, 2016

What Do You Desire To Read? Do you Have a Favorite Topic?

As I sit each day (or almost every day), I'm constantly wondering what would interest you, my readers.  In the past I've done a lot of product reviews, but have turned my interest toward traveling, food and lifestyle.  I want (and hope) one day, I can experience all the excitement and joy of traveling and experiencing different parts of the world ( a girl can dream, can't she?)  

Then I thought...why don't I ask my readers.  I mean, you of all people, know what you like to read, what you want to read.  Today, i'm asking you, what is it that keeps you entertained, hooked, keeps you coming back for more, in a blog? Is it family vacations, destinations, family...?

There are thousands of travel blogs out there.  There are thousands of blogs that pull you in with their quirkiness, their personality and beautiful photos.  I have a few favorites that I follow on a daily basis.  Some of these blogs are combined with tons of beautiful places, full of info and the tone of the blog.  I enjoy reading inspirational stories, as well as stories that are full of tips, advice and how-to.  

I've never been the type to just sit down and read articles that have to do with technology, romance or the sorts.  Everyone has their own niche and everyone has their own taste and interests.  That is why I want to hear from you.  I love each and every one of you who follows my blog, who takes the time to see what I have to say, day to day...Thank You!

What do you want to see from this blog?

Don't hold back...I want to know your thoughts, suggestions...anything.

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