Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Pink and Gold Paper Straws for Baby Shower and Weddings-Set of 25

Every one knows, when you are planning for a wedding or baby shower, you must have everything order.  From the flowers, decorations, cake...even right down to the smallest details such as cups and straws!

These unique and shiny straws are by Glitter Saturday on Etsy.  Glitter Saturday was generous enough to send me these straws for my review, and I must admit, these straws are actually prettier in person!  You get a set of 25, ranging from shiny gold chevron, gold polka dots, pink with polka dots and stripes.  

The straws are very sturdy, probably more sturdier than your actual plastic straws.  I didn't want to damage any of them, but I did try to squeeze one, just to see if they would give or know...being made of paper and all! Well, to my surprise, they did not give, crush or bend at all!  Now, I didn't go out to try to destroy the straws, but it would take some effort to crush them.

These straws are perfect for decorating slim vases at a baby shower or wedding, party or any special occasion...great for the pink and gold princess themed party.  You can even distribute them out into individual cups, making your guests feel extra special with their own decorated straw!

These are fun little straws that will add flair to any party, but not only can they be used as drinking or decorating straws, but can also be used to make creative cake pops and crafts!  The straws are 7 3/4" long, food safe, eco friendly and sturdy and they come packaged in a cellophane bag.

I love how the metallic colors of the gold on the straws reflect in the light.  So glitzy!  If pink and gold aren't your colors, Glitter Saturday on Etsy has tons of other colors, ranging from Pink Lemonade (pink and yellow), Bumblebee (yellow & black), Gender Reveal (pink & blue), 4th of July (red, white & blue) plus tons and tons more.  

Glitter Saturday also has confetti.  No, now your ordinary shredded paper confetti, but confetti that are shaped like round discs and sprinkled with shiny glitzy glitter.  These, too, come in various colors!

Go check out Glitter Saturday and discover what all Shannon has to offer.  The name of her Etsy store says it all!


***I received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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