Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sorry I'm Late, I Had Stroller Problems Onesie by Baffle

Ok, if you've been keeping up with my review posts, you know I do a lot of reviews about baby items.  I love all the baby onesies, new products that are hitting the market and even the most popular baby items.

Once again, Baffle has another cute onesie that is 100% cotton with expandable short sleeves and tagless.  Being that this onesie is tagless, means your baby can wear this onesie in total comfort, without irritating the baby's skin.

The onesie is a solid white onesie with black lettering and has three snaps at the bottom, making it easy to access your baby's diaper when diaper changing is due.  The snaps are easy to snap, yet snap securely, without any problems. The onesie is so soft feeling, and being that it is 100% cotton, justifies how soft this onesie is.

This onesie is great paired up with shorts, jeans, pants and even a skirt for a little girl.  Baffle onesies always has adorable and funny saying onesies that will fit every baby's needs and will always catch the attention of others.  This makes my third onesie that I have reviewed by Baffle, and as always, I am so totally happy with the quality that Baffle puts into their onesies.  

Baffle has many onesies with different hilarious sayings, and it's hard to just order just one!  

You can check out this onesie, as well as others by Baffle, by visiting their Amazon store.  I'm sure that you will find that perfect onesie(s) for your little one.  Baffle offers these onesies in various sizes, so be sure to check out what all they have to offer


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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