Monday, November 14, 2016

Baby's First Christmas Bib by PatTernsCrafts

If you have a newborn or infant, you know how important having plenty of burp cloths and bibs on hand, is.  When you are feeding your baby every 4 hours, burping and then moving them around, you know you are bound to get some spit ups!

If you're precious one is going to have to wear a bib the first part of his life, why not have a fun, festive one, especially one for the holidays!  This cute, handmade bib, is by PatTernsCrafts, over on Etsy.  It is a simple bib that has a velcro closure and features a cute baby in the center of a wreath, with the words, "Baby's First Christmas."  The baby is wearing a cute little Santa hat and the wreath is adorned with baby blocks, rubby ducky, bottle and rattle, that is sewn into the wreath.

The bib has a slick backing and the front is made of a terrycloth like material. This is such a cute and perfect First Christmas bib for your baby for the holidays.  Why stop at one bib?  You are going to have to have plenty of bibs, months down the road and PatTernsCrafts on Etsy has plenty of bibs for you to choose from.  Not just for the holidays, but for bibs that can be worn every day!

PatTernsCrafts has bibs that range from holiday bibs, Spider Man, Ninja Turtle and even a bib with a neck tie!  If you are looking for something for your house, PatTernsCrafts has many kitchen towels to choose from with different themes.

Go check out PatTernsCrafts for this adorable bib and more.  She has over 100 items to choose from!



***I received a complimentary product,in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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