Monday, December 5, 2016

VivianandDutch Baby Onesies and Vintage T-Shirts

If you are shopping for Christmas, and looking for vintage, distressed or even baby onesies, you need to head on over to Vivian and Dutch, on Etsy.  Vivian and Dutch also carries Santa Bags (perfect for the holidays), Vintage looking Christmas throw pillows to sports pullover shirts, monogrammed hats and more.

I really love their Vintage clothing.  Two of the shirts I received from Vivian and Dutch are shown below and they truly are different and unique.  The first, is a camo t-shirt with golden flecked arrows.  The golden arrows are more of a glitter-n-grit design, which is very unique, as the gold arrows on this camo shirt looks as if it has been partially glittered, with gold flaking flecks (this is how it is meant to look.)

This is a camo foil tee, which is super soft and comfy.  I love that this shirt has stretch to it, is definitely a t-shirt for women, as it's a little thinner and not too thick of a tee.  It fits perfectly, without any tight spots and does not feel constricting on my body.  Super super soft tee!

This shirt was designed with the gold foil, that when each time you wash it, the foil will change, giving you a different look each time.  What I also love about this camo tee, is that it's not short.  The tee hits right at my hips, which I love!

This next shirt, is a Ladies Western Steer Head T-Shirt.  It has the design of a steer head on the front and has distressed collar, sleeves and hemming.  At first, when I opened the package and saw this shirt, I was thinking....OMG!  Did I rip this?  Did this get damaged in the mail?  But I then remembered...this is how this shirt is supposed to look! The collar, sleeves and hemming has tiny slit like rips, resembling a distressed look.

This shirt is a dark grey vintage color with a full damask steer head.  This shirt is also very very soft.  I love how VivianandDutch created this shirt, to give it that edgy look with the distressed collar and sleeves, making this to look as if you had already had this shirt for quite some time and not as if you are wearing a brand new tee!  This particular shirt has become very popular at the craft shows and craft fairs that VivianandDutch attends. She is hoping that it becomes, just as popular, on her Etsy store.

Last, but certainly not least, is the cute little onesie!  This baby onesie has the words, "How you doin'" displayed across the front.  It's so adorable and one of those 'funny' onesies that I love seeing on a baby.  

This soft onesie is available in sizes: NB - 24 months.  I love how that the word, doin, is separated by colorful dots, emphasizing the word, doin...and you gotta love that little baby!  He really knows how to sport that onesie!

You can find these items, as well as 88 other items, by visiting VivianandDutch on Etsy.  You will find a wide range of onesies, kids shirts, funny saying shirts, women and men's shirts, plus a whole lot more.

Vivian and Dutch can also be found at the following links, below, as Glitter n Grit Designs.



***I received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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