Thursday, January 19, 2017

Personalized Coffee Mug by 5amily

I'm a big coffee drinker...I LOVE my coffee and it usually ends up about 3 cups a day, if not more.  I always drink my coffee one  Nothing in it, just black!  But what I really like, is a nice coffee cup that I enjoy drinking out of.  I know, I know...but hey, everyone has to have a favorite of something!

I love this personalized coffee cup by 5amily.  It not only has my name, but a saying that totally speaks to me!  I am proud to sport this coffee cup!  The coffee cup is 11 oz and is perfectly weird angles and not wide around, like some I  have.  This is the perfect size for me, which makes it easier to handle.

This personalized cup is solid white, except for the pretty design on one side of the cup.  The design is a mixture of leaf like foliage, colorful and pleasing to look at, perfect for in the mornings!

5amily has products that are geared to your passions.  Are you a grand-ma, mommy or someone who LOVES personalized items?  Not only will you find this cute coffee cup on their site (They also can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube), but they have t-shirts, bags and anything in between, that can be personalized with a saying or your name.

Go check them out, HERE: or visit them on Facebook

UPDATE!!!  3/08/17 is now giving you $10.00 off your order!  Just apply the coupon code: SOUTHERN2017 during checkout, to receive your discount!

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed, are solely my own.


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