Friday, January 13, 2017

Sports Wear by HBS Group of Industries

Whether I'm working out (which is very minimal, lately) or just lounging around the house, I always want to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing...ALWAYS! Leggings, yoga pants or lounge pants are my go-to pants, as they are stretchy, soft and comfortable.  As a matter of fact, I work full time and leggings (jeggings) are what I wear all that week (during the fall and winter times, anyway.)

Now...if you are the ones who love to work out, get your fitness on or whatever, then you MUST check out these pieces by HBSGOI (HBS Group of Industries.) Pictured below, you will find a sports bra(s), leggings, tank tops and balaclawa.

First of all...the full length leggings are the bomb!  I wore these the very next day, to work.  They are a little stretchy, yet firm enough to hold everything in its place.  The waist band is what I really love.  They have a wide waist band, allowing these pants to feel even more comfortable and not cut into my stomach, like the thinner waistbands. I hate my inner thighs, so these leggings were perfect, in camouflaging them! I know these are probably meant to be workout pants...but hey, they worked as work pants!

In addition to the full leggings, I also received (and loved) the capri leggings. These were basically made the same way like the full leggings, but stopped at he calves, hence, capri leggings.  Some days you want a full legging and then there are days you want something different!

The tank tops I received, are of very nice quality and made very well.  You can tell they are more for working out, but again, they can be worn every day (as long as the weather permits!)  They are form fitting, not loose and hug the body, ensuring that you won't have to worry about anything 'falling out', during your workout (unless, of course, you ordered a size too big!)  They are a little stretchy, but not too stretchy and hold their form well.  I love the brown and gray colors I received, as these are normally the colors I would go with.

Next, we have your sports bra.  Let me tell you...these are some very firm fitting sports bras and you DEFINITELY won't have to worry about anything 'getting loose' when wearing them.  I normally wear a large in tops and sports bra, so when I tried on the large sports bra (bright neon pink), I thought at first, I was trying on a medium.  It fit that snug!  I know I put on some pounds...okay, more than SOME, so receiving all this workout, sports wear, kinda got me thinking..Girl... it's time for your butt to get into gear and lose those pounds!

These sports bras, however, are very well made, they are thick and have a comfortable band, that stretches.  They are not your skimpy sports bra and they cover quite a bit.

Last, we have the balaclawa....okay, at first, when I saw this word, I had no idea what that was...but then, when I opened the package and saw this pair of balaclawa, I knew it went over your head, covered majority of your face and was something I have seen bikers wear.

The balaclawa were actually pretty comfy.  They are a thinner, stretchy type material that easily goes over the head and face, with the bottom covering your neck (at least mine, anyways.)  They are designed to keep your face warm, while outside in colder weather.  All that seems to be exposed are your eyes.  I found that I could move the piece up or down, cover more of my nose if I wanted to, and still have the balaclawa fit very well.

HBSGOI not only has these items, but other items as well.  Their products range from motor bike garments to horse riding and gym clothing.  You can check out all of these items, by visiting

***I received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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