Monday, March 13, 2017

Designing The Piggy Bank

While a piggy bank is a way that you can save money, it doesn't have to be boring in design. There are several ideas for personalizing a piggy bank, especially if you want to give it to a child. You can get personalized piggy banks with a name on the side or a favorite sports team. Paint the background in any color, adding swirls, flowers, squares or other fun shapes to showcase the hobbies or other special interests that you or the other person enjoys.

If you know someone who has a new baby, then make a piggy bank that features a color that matches the gender, such as pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Add the name of the child on the bank along with the date of birth, time, weight and length. This would be a good way to start a small savings account for the child. You can personalize banks for holidays, such as those that look like a pumpkin, an Easter egg or Santa Claus. There are fun designs with sweet treats, like cupcakes or donuts. You don't need to have a piggy bank in the design of a pig for it to be useful and serve the same function. The bank should be something that you can use to save money no matter what it looks like.

Design banks for each child in the home that look similar but have just the slightest difference to them, such as the color or a pattern. Line the banks on a shelf so that each child can money when chores are completed or when they receive money for birthdays and holidays. Make your bank sparkle by adding jewels to the outside or even glitter. You can paint a piggy bank to look like it's made of gold or silver. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to what you can do with a piggy bank that you personalize. Use your imagination, stocking up on banks when they are on sale so that you can decorate them and give them as gifts for special occasions.


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