Monday, April 10, 2017

Personalized Baby Onesie - "This Guy Loves His Poppy" by SCEdesigns

I love personalized onesies...don't you?  I mean, they can have many logos, pictures and can say just about anything you want them to say, assuming that where you purchase your baby onesie, has that option.  They can come in tons of color options as well as sizes.

I love this onesie, by SCEdesigns.  Not only does it have what every grandparent wants out of a personalized onese, "This Guy Loves His Poppy", but it also has the two hands with thumbs pointing to himself and the embroidering is remarkable!  The threads of the embroidery is so smooth to the touch and is perfectly stitched. The white onesie I have shown below, has blue and red threading with the hands done in a light tan color...very appropriate for a little guy!

This baby onesie is actually cuter in person!  The onesie is a Carter's brand onesie and comes in sizes 0-3 months to 12-18 month, available in white and blue onesie.  This is also available in t-shirts as well, and range from sizes 2T to 6.  T-shirts colors come in your choice of: white, black, pink, yellow, red and blue.

Shelee is the owner of SCEdesigns Etsy shop and has 184 items in her shop, ranging from Home Decor Accessories to Monogrammed items.  Don't forget to check out her Connections, below.


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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