Monday, May 22, 2017

Sahara Case and Installation Review

I can't tell you how many times I've tried applying a screen protector to my cell phone, only to have it misaligned, tons of air bubbles, etc.  Although these screen protectors come with instructions, it seems as if it's easier said than done.

That is not the case with this Sahara Case!  This Sahara Case comes with everything you need, plus more, to install your iPhone 7 case easily.  The instructions are very easy to read and understand and with the Sahara Case Alignment too, installing the tempered glass couldn't have been any easier.

The Sahara Case comes with an alcohol pad, a lint cloth, squeegee, alignment tool, Zero Damage tempered glass, lint and dust remover and instruction guide.

I love how this Sahara Case came packaged!  It comes in this neat little box, that unfolds to display all the tools of the case.  Everything is so organized and lined out for easy viewing.  

*The first thing you will do (besides read the instructions), is take the alcohol      pad and wipe down your cell phone screen, to remove any smudges.  
*Next, you will take the link cloth and dry your cell phone.  
*You will then take the lint remover,(blue sheet) peel off the plastic and apply the sticky side   to your screen.  This will remove any leftover dirt and lint.  
*Take your alignment tool and snap it to the front of your phone.  The opening 
   should line up with the sides of your phone.  
* Take the tempered glass, peel of the sticker and place it inside the alignment 
    tool, that is already attached to your phone and give it a gently press.  The 
    tempered glass will adhere on its own.
* Remove the alignment tool, take the squeegee and remove any air pockets. 
* Snap on the back Sahara Case to your phone

That's it and it's that simple!

The tempered glass is thicker than your ordinary screen protector and protects your phone's screen.  Your iPhone is still 100% operable! 

This Sahara Case has shock absorbing edges, anti-slip grip and a camera lens hood.  Very nice case and it feels very durable and sturdy and enhances the look of the iPhone 7!

You can get your Zero Damage Tempered Glass Sahara Case, here:

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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