Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Are You A Happy Camper? Show Your Enthusiasm With This Personalized T-Shirt

How many of my awesome readers are camping fanatics?  How often do you find yourself on a camping trip, even if it's just for the weekend?  I know I am a camping enthusiast and love to camp, whenever I get a chance.  Sure, it may just be for one or two nights, but I just love getting away from all the noise, traffic and commotion of a small town - just to relax and enjoy the peace with other campers.

When we first bought our camper, we had to have everything camp related; personalized name flags, bright and colorful lights that adorned our campsite, chairs and even holiday themed decorations.  These things just make it more personal...AND FUN!

I also love personalized t-shirts, as shown here.  It's perfect to wear when I go camping; as if other campers don't already know we are 'Happy Campers' but I also love wearing this when I'm not camping.  I love the bright colorful lettering on this purple t-shirt, as well as the cheerful colored camper.  It really stands out from all the other Happy Camper t-shirts and this is definitely customized for us gals!

This awesome t-shirt is from Houndstooth & Polka Dots Etsy Shop.  This shirt, more specifically the camper on this shirt, reminds me of a 70's theme and it's such a fun shirt to wear!  The words, 'Happy Camper' is done in different patterns, colors and designs, ranging from chevron, floral to animal print. No wonder I love it; All my favorite patterns in one shirt!

This t-shirt is a heavy cotton shirt (but does not feel heavy) that is so soft and comfortable.  It is a Gildan Brand t-shirt, and if you are familiar with Gildan Brand, you know that it is a brand that will hold up well.  I've had several work shirts that are Gildan brand and I still have them, after 3 years of receiving them from our work order.

This shirt is 100% pre-shrunk and has a very nice screen print on the front.  I am so happy to own this t-shirt and I know it sounds cliche', but it makes me happy when I wear this during camping season!

Houndstooth & Polka Dots has 77 different items to choose from.  Their shop has screen printed t-shirts and hoodies, ranging from Happy Campers to your sports teams.  They all look so awesome and each shirt and hoodie has varying patterns and colors.

Melissa, owner of Houndstooth & Polka Dots, does custom orders for retail stores and school groups.  Go check her out on her Etsy Shop!

You can purchase your Happy Camper t-shirt HERE.



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***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions, REGARDLESS, are 100% my own.

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