Friday, August 25, 2017

Why You Need One of These Play Tents For Your Toddler

How many of my moms out there has toddlers?  Show of hands?  Are they at the age where they like playing by themselves, to play make believe or pretend? Do they like to play house?  Well...if they do, then I have the perfect set up for them!

Recently, I found several play tents that were just so adorable; not your traditional play tents, but play tents that were shaped as a castle, fire engine, play house with tunnel, etc.  Now, I know many of us have seen the Princess Play Tents, but what about play tents shapes as some sort of vehicle?

Well, WooHoo Toys has just those!  They are pretty generous in size and some can fit up to 4-5 kids inside (or a child and two adults.)  The two play tents, shown here, are the Fire Engine Truck and the Play Tent with Tunnel.  Both are large enough to fix several children inside and if I may add, they are just too fun!

The Fire Engine Truck tent is a pop up play tent that is 54" long, 28" deep and 36" tall.  The tent is very lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room or even outside.  It has mesh windows all around the fire engine tent and has a roof, that allows for ventilation.  You child can even lock the door, by aligning the velcro on the inside.  The fabric of this Fire Engine Tent is water proof, made with water resistant polyester fabric.  What child wouldn't love this bright fire engine truck tent!  He or she can dress up in their fire fighter outfit and they are set to go inside their tent.

The next play tent shown, is the Big Children Play Tent with Tunnel.  The Play House is 47.25" x 47.25" x 53 (almost 4 feet.)  The tunnel is 6 feet long with dimensions of 72" x 19.5".  This tent is ideal for those who love to play house, have their own little getaway and is perfect for outside, as it too, is made with durable thick water proof polyester fabric.  This tent also comes with stakes, so you can stake it down in your yard.  The tent also has loops, to allow you to secure the roof of the play house to the tent, as well as roll up the windows.

What's great about the Big Children Play House Tent, is that the tunnel and play house can be separated into two units, to better fit into a room.  Both of these tents are ideal for both boys and girls and they will get total enjoyment from having their own 'space.'

Both tents are CPSIA Compliant and meets federal regulations for lead and phthalate.  

No tools are required to set up tent.  Simply open the bag, allow the tent walls to pop out and watch your child play!  Fill up any tent with phthalate free and non-toxic balls and you are set to go!


     *Fun personal space for your child
     *Easy getaway for alone time
     *Fun addition to any room, especially a themed room
     *Your toddler will love it!
     *Allow your toddler to have fun-time with their friends
     *Allows your child to imaginative with the play tent

Brody loves his play house....WITH HIS BABY POOL WITH BALLS!

You can purchase any one of these tents HERE: 

Don't forget to check out WooHoo toys other tents!

***I may have received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expresses are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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