Friday, May 4, 2018

NorthShore Supreme Quilted Baby Wipes

NorthShore Care Supply offers their own private label diapers, changing pads and wipes for kids of all ages and abilities. NorthShore Care Supply products are made for kids with unique body types to keep them clean, protected and leak free day AND night. 

NorthShore Supreme Quilted Baby Wipes are perfect for those messy (and not so messy) diaper changes.  I love that these wipes are quilted, which means, they stand up to any tugging from the package, without tearing.  Another great thing about NorthShore Supreme Quilted Baby Wipes...they contain no alcohol and are unscented, making them the perfect wipes for babies with sensitive skin.

NorthShore Baby Wipes

These wipes are pre-moistened with a soothing formula of Aloe and Calendula, to help keep baby's skin healthy and moisturized.  The wipes are 7 x 8 inches and comes in an easy dispense soft pack.  There is a top flip lid that seals to prevent any drying out.  These wipes do seem a little thicker than most I've used and what sold me on these wipes are that they are quilted, durable and contain no alcohol.  There is so much goodness in these wipes, between the Aloe and Calendula, that it's hard to pass these up, especially when they are the perfect wipes for your little one.

Northshore Care Supply also has these quilted changing pads that are ideal for busy moms on the go.  They are approximately 17" x 24" and can be tossed into a baby's diaper bag or purse, making it easy and convenient for those unexpected diaper changes.

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