Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Slim 18 Card Slot High Quality Women's Leather Wallet

Like many of us women, we don't carry our purse or handbag, without a wallet of some sorts.  Our purse is to hold our larger personal items, such as; hair brush, comb, lipstick and keys while our wallets hold our valuables (money, cards & more.)

When it comes to wallets, there are several key factors that I look for before deciding whether or not to purchase it.  First and foremost, it cannot be bulky!  I already carry a large enough purse.  I don't need something else, that is bulky, weighing on my shoulders.  Second, it has to contain enough card slots to hold all my credit, debit and store cards, not to mention my driver's license. And lastly, it has to contain at least at least two zipper for my change and the other for any cash that I may be carrying.

There is a women's wallet out there that contains all these factors; Lawrence Unique Top Grain Wallets satisfies all of these.  Lawrence Unique Top Grain Women's Leather Wallet is a high quality women's wallet that contains 18 card slots that can hold a checkbook, passport, phone, cash, coins and receipts.  It has two (2) folds, is slim and pretty to use.  It is RFID protected and high quality and recently launched on Kickstarter with a big discount.

Many wallets are providing the RFID protection when it comes to protecting the privacy and identity of your cards.  I'm happy to see a lot of brands jumping on board with this!  I love the little arm loop that this Lawrence Unique wallet has.  It makes it easy to carry when you don't want to haul your purse.  It has a nice neutral brown look to it, perfect for any handbag.

This is a very nice, simple wallet that easily fits inside any purse.  The Lawrence Unique definitely has it all together with their slim 18 card slot, high quality, women's leather wallet.  The wallet is slim, with dimensions of 8" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/8" when fully packed. The slanted slots make it easy to remove your cards, without all the forcing and pinching your fingers. Go check it out on Kickstarter!  You can find it HERE.

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