Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lucinda Fashion - Custom Made Clothing For Women of All Sizes

As I sit here this morning and thinking about my Keto breakfast that I will have this morning, I'm also hoping that this Keto thing will work for me.  About 8 years ago, I ended up losing 20lbs and never felt better.  After the course of those 8 years, I slowly started gaining all my weight more!  I can't tell you how disgusted I felt (and still feeling) gaining all my weight back.  I feel disgusted that I can't wear the cute clothes I used to wear, how great they looked on me, not to mention, how I could wear anything I wanted.

Being disgusted with myself over the weight gain, not being able to wear all these cute clothes that keep being offered to me as a blogger, has encouraged me to do something about my weight.  I started the Keto diet about a week ago (going on my second week) and I can honestly say, my body feels a lot better than it used to.  I'm hoping by July, that I can lose at least 15lbs.  But...while I am sharing this with you, let me share something else...A brand that is NOT so concerned by your weight when it comes to modeling their clothes as well as NOT limiting their sizes to only a size 12 or 14.

red dress ignite

Lucinda Fashions is a brand that gears clothing toward women of all sizes.  They custom make their clothes to fit each individual woman.  It's all about being you...being yourself and feeling comfortable, not only in your own skin, but in fashionable clothing that makes you feel good.  

The above photo is the first piece I've tried by Lucinda Fashions.  At first, I was worried that it would be too tight, wouldn't fit or not look right on me.  I was pleasantly shocked that not only did the dress fit, it was actually pretty comfy!  It is a stretchy material, that also has such a soft feel to it.  It allows my body to move, without restricting me in any way.  This dress is from their Reignition collection and is called Ignite.  It has an almost sleeveless look and a v-neck neckline. The bottom of the dress hits right at my knees (I'm only 5'1").  The is form fitting, but not tight at all.  I love the little extra attached material toward the bottom of the dress!

red dress

Lucinda Fashions is a newly start up brand that is growing and will be adding more clothing to their line.  You can check out other fashionable pieces by visiting - Lucinda Fashions.  And the way...they also have an outfit named after me...Jenny!  Go check it out!

***I am an Ambassador for Lucinda Fashions and have received a complimentary product.  ALL opinions expressed are 100% my own and I only recommend products that I have tried and love***

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