Monday, July 15, 2019

Educational Magnetic Building Block Set For Kids

Kids tend to grow out of certain toys, especially when the get older, but for my almost-three-year-old grandson, he still enjoys playing with these colorful and bright magnetic building blocks!  He loves watching each piece attach to each other, when put together and he ABSOLUTELY loves trying to build a house out of them.

These magnetic blocks easily attach to each other and can be built to just about anything you desire.  My grandson loved just matching all the shapes and colors together, while laying them on the floor.  Each piece is made of non-toxic ABS plastic that surrounds magnet with round edge design without any sharpness.  I can say, that I've inspected each piece and found each tile in perfect condition, smooth edges and contained no sharpness what so ever.  They are fun to play with and found myself spending hours, with my grandson, trying to create many masterpieces!

This set consists of 56 pieces, all which are squares and triangles.  This is what you get.

     *24 triangles
     *32 quadrangles (squares)
     *storage bag

The magnetic blocks has a different color on each side of each magnetic tile.  Other and similar magnetic tiles are compatible with this set, so you (and your child) can have endless pieces to create to your heart's desire.  Another great thing about these magnetic blocks...they can be used as an educational tool or toy, for your child.  They are great for developing your child's motor skills, learning colors and shapes and using their imagination to create things.

You can purchase the fun, educational blocks at: just look for the seller: GOOIT-E

You can also get 20% off when you use the code: CLVQFQ8V

***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my  honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...I only recommend products that I have tried and love***

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