Monday, October 14, 2019

Femme Luxe Finery - Your One Stop For Hot and Trending Fashion

Hey gals!  So, I don't know about where you live, but it is starting to get a little cooler now...FALL IS FINALLY HERE!  I've been waiting for the cool temps to finally show itself and not that it has, I am looking forward to wearing my favorite Femme Luxe Finery tops! BUT...before I act in too much of a haste, there's just a few more Summer items I want to bring to you, today.

I was a little skeptical about these pants when I ordered them.  I didn't have too much with the jeans, so I was crossing my fingers that these pants would be different.  Low and behold, they were!  These are the Silver Metallic Paperbag Pants and although they are meant to be high waisted and gathered at the waist, cinched by the tie belt, that is not how these pants fit me (I'm not a small gal).  BUT...I do, however, love the way these pants fit.  They are stretchy, smooth and very comfortable.  The light just bounces of these pants and they are definitely metallic.  These would be ideal for New Year's Eve, for those of us gals, who are not comfortable wearing ritzy glittery dresses (although we would love to!)

These pants have a comfortable waist area, but a slim fit in the legs.  Although they are slim fit in the legs, that does not mean they are too tight and do not have stretch to them.  These pants remind me a mixture between 80's style pants with a legging look in the legs.  So cool and I will admit, I love these.

Available Sizes: 4,6,8,10

Now, if you've been following me, you have already seen many of these t-shirts, shown here.  These are some of the most comfortable t-shirts ever!  They are super soft, smooth and have plenty of stretch.  I am a sucker for t-shirts.  Not only for t-shirts, but ones with slogans and wording on them.  This particular t-shirt has the words "Yves Saint Love" written across the front.  First of all, let me start by saying...I LOVE the font design of the words.  It reminds me of a graffiti style writing and really makes this tee stand out.  You can wear this tee tied in the front, is, as a regularly worn t-shirt.

Available Sizes: S/M (4/6) & M/L (8/10)
Price: $8.00

Now, I don't know if fanny packs, waist purses, or whatever you want to call them are still in style...but this cute little Bum Bag is not what I expected when first laid eyes on it!  This is not our traditional or ordinary fanny pack or bum bag.  This Bum Bag has this very bold gold zipper that sets off the whole bag.  The bag is plenty spacious enough to hold my cell phone, whether I'm riding on my golf cart or just strolling down Beale Street, in Memphis.  This Black Gold Zipper Bum Bag can easily be carried, by hand, as a cute little hand bag or wrapped around your waist area, giving you hands free access. If you are one who does not want something tied or attached around your waist, I find that using the strap on this bum bag can easily be carried as a shoulder bag. I will definitely be using this the next time I go on a trip, that involves sight seeing.  I can place my cell phone safely inside, without worrying of dropping my phone (it happens) as I walk down the street...not to mention, it will also hold necessities such as my lip gloss and small pocket mirror!

Available Size: One Size
Price: $13

Last, but again...certainly not least, is the Purple Glitter Sparkly Shift Mini Dress.  Yes, this dress is absolutely stunning and beautiful, even more beautiful on the model who was modeling it.  I know, I know...I have this thing about ordering things that are so damn pretty and's the sparkles that gets me every time!  I will say, this dress DID fit me, it even had some pretty good stretch to it, was more snug on me (go figure) and it was EXTREMELY SHORT on me.  I will spare you the graphics, but this dress was so short on me, that my bum was showing!  AND...that is to be expected.  I am not a small gal, I have a big butt, as well as wide hips, so I KNEW this dress would probably not fit me, like it did on the model, but I had to have it.  My goal next year, I WILL fit into this dress and I WILL own it!  Can I get an Amen?!  Anyway, this dress is gorgeous.  It does have all the shine, bling, sparkle that you could ever want and the purple is not an overwhelming or bold purple.  It has this metallic light shade of purple...oh so pretty.

Available Size: 2,4,6,8,10
Available Colors: Blue, Purple, Gold
Price: $19

You guys...have you all been paying attention to the prices of these items?  Come On!  Check out that price for the Purple Glitter Sparkly Dress!  It's only $19!!  I'm telling y'all...Femme Luxe Finery has the most competitive prices, the most trending fashions and they are HOT!  Go check them out and come back and leave me a comment on what YOU love from their site.  

***I received complimentary products, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...All opinions expressed are 100% my own***

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