Thursday, October 2, 2014

Walmart Product Prices

Good Morning, everyone and welcome again, to another day of Walmart Product Prices.  Normally I would keep you updated on new deals, prices and meals, daily, but yesterday was very aggravating, as my internet was not working.  I'm happy to say, that it's finally back up!

Today, I'm here to bring you more Walmart product prices.  As always, keep in mind, that Walmart prices vary from region to region.  When matching coupons to products, I find it easier if I log every Walmart product price down in a special notebook, that's specifically tailored to Walmart prices.  This way, I flip back to each page and see if I have a coupon (or if I can find one on the internet to print) for that product, so....Here we go!

$3.50 Bird's Eye Voila (currently on sale for this price)
$6.48 Bertolli Meal - 24 oz. 
$3.98 Maxwell House - 7oz can
$7.78 Community Coffee K cups
$1.68 Tetley tea - 24 ct
$1.78 Lindsay's green olives
$1.98 Lindsay's Natural green olives
$1.58 Lindsay's black olives - 6oz can
$1.58 Mario black pitted olives 
$1.53 Early California black olives
$1.32 Mario black olives - 2.25oz
$1.38 Mt. Olive sweet relish - 10oz
$1.34 Trappey's peppers
$1.36 Trappey's jalepenos - 12oz
$2.98 Farmers Garden pickles
$1.98 Hormel Compleats
$0.98 McCormick Grill Mate marinade
$1.88 Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad
$1.16 Mahatma rice - 1lb
$1.00 Rice a Roni (single box)
$1.65 Wolf Chili w/beans
$1.98 Sunshine Cheez-It - 7.7oz
$2.88 Sunshine Cheez-It - 12oz
$1.68 Cheese Nips
$2.88 Wheat Thins - popped
$2.50 Nabisco Toasted Chips
$2.50 Ritz Crackers
$2.50 Townhouse Flip Sides
$1.88 Kandoo Wipes - 42 ct
$1.97 Huggies Wipes - 64 ct
$3.93 Pledge furniture polish
$2.00 Clorox Green Works
$2.48 Final Touch fabric softener
$1.97 Gain Fabric softener sheets - 34 ct
$2.47 Gain Fabric softener
$2.32 Bounce Fabric softener sheets - 40 ct

What Walmart Product prices would you like to see listed? Leave me a comment and I will be sure to add it to the next listing.

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