Friday, December 26, 2014

Adeline Organic Eye Serum Review

Happy Monday Inc. was kind enough to send me their organic eye serum to test and review.  Although it's only been 3 days since I've received and used this product, I have already seen slight improvements in the eye area.  Most products take at least a month to start seeing noticeable results, so with this product, I'm sure I will begin seeing more improvements over time.

Within the three days I've used this product, I will say, that this product seems to work a little harder and a little faster than some of the brands I've tried in the past.  I've noticed the fine lines around my eyes, diminishing (or have become less noticeable).  I've noticed how smooth and soft the delicate skin, around my eyes have become and overall, love how this product gives me a cool, revitalizing feeling around my eyes.

The Adeline Organic Eye Serum has organic extracts such as cucumber, Chamomile, Sunflower seed oil, Aloe and Urvi leaf.  The cucumber extract helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the Chamomile helps soothes the skin around the eyes, to help reduce eye puffiness.  The Urvi leaf extract is known to reduce inflammation and appearance of brown spots and Aloe which encourages collagen production for those with wrinkles and crow's feet.

Unlike some products that states to use twice daily, the Adeline Organic Eye Serum is only needed ONCE A DAY.  Using only once a day will help save on the product use as well as last a lot longer than most eye creams/serums.

If you are interested in trying this Organic Eye Serum, you can grab it at Amazon-Adeline Organic Eye Serum.

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