Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY Personalized Cork Board

Couple years ago, I had a co-worker and friend ask me if I could make a personalized cork board for her three daughters.  I have never even attempted to make one, let alone, knew how to make one.  This was to be a Christmas present for both girls, that would be hung up in their dining room for display.

The mother wanted it to display photos, as well as other important things in her girls lives.  She contacted me because she knew I made hair bows and re constructed T-shirts, among other things.  She always saw my "next DIY creation"  on Facebook.  I give credit to Pinterest!  

Pinterest has been my inspiration for many many things, including: reconstructed t-shirts, jewelry, hair bows, DIY household products and much much more.  So....what do you think I did when I was asked to make this personalized cork board?  Yep, I went straight to Pinterest!  There, I could get some kind of pattern, color and design ideas.  Here is the photo of the finished cork board.  Mind you, it's the very first one I've ever done.

I know they were proud of this! 

The board is covered with a pink and purple fabric.  I wrapped the cork board in the fabric, pulled it tight and brought the ends to the back and stapled it.  I then bought two purple and pink boas, also purchased at Walmart and hot glued them to the fabric board.  To get the letters to look the way they did, I had some stencils and traced the letters onto the board, very lightly, but dark enough to where I could see the letters.  Next came the rhinestones.  I hot glued the rhinestones, to the traced letters and finished it off with a hand made bow I made.

You will need at least a yard more of fabric in making a cork board similar to this.  You will need enough to where you can staple the fabric to the back of the board.  The rhinestones, it's easier to hot glue and work with the larger stones than it is with the smaller ones.  I ended up purchasing two cases, approximately $5 - $6 for each case.  Boas were about $6.00 each.  Fabric, if you can find a nice looking fabric on the $1.00 clearance, go for it.  This was not the case for this board, as it needed to be pink, purple and girly.  This fabric ran me around $2.00 per yard.

Have you made a personalized cork board?  What does yours look like?

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