Friday, January 16, 2015

Infinite Joy Herbal Tea Review

There are many types of tea out in our markets today, ranging from Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Flavored Tea and more.  I used to be a huge green tea drinker and for some reason, quit.  Now, I am honored to try Infinity Joy Herbal Tea, a tea that promotes healthy weight loss.  This tea contains 30 bags in a very attractive looking pouch, that also has a zip lock feature once you open it.

Infinite Joy's herbal tea claims to raise your base metabolic rate, which helps you shed those unwanted pounds.  It also acts as a detox tea, as this tea has 21 ingredients that help promote weight loss and rid your body of toxins.  If you're familiar with Ginseng, you know Ginseng is one ingredient that has been known to help with weight loss, and this Infinite Joy Tea has that.

This Infinite Joy Herbal Tea is 100% natural and contains no caffeine, which is different than most of the weight loss drinks and supplements out there.  There is research that has been done, that states toxins in the body, actually stops you from losing weight.  That is why there are so many detox products out there, to help rid the body of the toxins, so people can begin losing weight.

I, as well as REDUXA, the maker of Infinite Joy Herbal Tea, believe that you also need to eat healthy and exercise along with enjoying the benefits of Infinite Joy Herbal Tea.  You are not doing your body any good if you continue with bad eating habits, such as fast food and sweets.  

Here is the product info and description from REDUXA on Amazon:

  • HELPS IMPROVE BASAL METABOLIC RATE: Gingerols present in ginger help to boost the metabolic rate. It increases the action of digestive enzymes, which in turn helps to burn more calories. Presence of the herb Senna Alexandrina improves digestive health by regulating bowel movements.*
  • TEA FOR APPETITE SUPPRESSION: Infinite Joy contains stinging nettle which stimulates the production of compounds acetylcholine and serotonin. Both these compounds calm your nerves, relieve from stress and help to curb food cravings making it an ideal weight loss tea.*
  • PROMOTES NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS: The combination of 21 herbal ingredients helps in losing weight naturally. Presence of polyphenols and enzyme inhibitors from herbs like hibiscus, detoxifying properties from the herb rosa canina help in promoting weight loss. Hibiscus contains an enzyme inhibitor called phaseolamin which is a natural starch blocker. It interferes with the activity of the enzyme amylase which breaks down sugar and complex carbohydrates and thereby helps in weight loss. It also contains the active ingredient raspberry ketone that promotes rapid weight loss.*
  • PERFECT EVERYDAY DIET TEA: The tea is a good source of vitamins B1, B2, C, E, niacin and K. It also provides minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus. It is natural diuretic which helps in increasing the urine volume from the body. This action is necessary to eliminate toxins from the system and promote cleansing. It is also known to eliminate bloating, and can be used as a diet tea and detox agent.*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
GENTLY HELPS TO DETOXIFY: Contains black cherry act as detoxifying agents and support kidney health. It also contains stinging nettle, which is also a natural diuretic agent that helps in detox mechanisms. This is an added benefit of using this as a weight loss supplement.* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
If you are interested in improving your health, detoxing your body of toxins and feeling better overall, you must check out REDUXA's Infinite Joy Herbal Tea at Amazon-Infinite Joy Herbal Tea.

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