Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrity Style Bandage Dress by Holly O Boutique Review

You've seen them before...the bandage dresses.  You may not have known what the dress was called, but many celebrities have been seen wearing some sort or form of the bandage dress.  The bandage dress has become such a hot and trendy fashion.  The bandage dress is perfect for a party, an evening out to dinner or a night out on the town.

The Bandage dress below, is by Holly O Boutique. The dress is made from excellent quality material, that is stretchy.  The material is thick, but not restricting and although the dress fits snug, it's actually pretty giving and comfortable.

This dress can be worn in several ways.  It can be worn alone, as or with a small crop jacket, which would be so cute!!  OR....pair the bandage dress off with a black leather jacket for a rocker look and don't forget those bling bling dress heels!  

I love that this dress will flatter all body types.  I, by no means, am thin or even close to model size. I am short, 5'2" and every bit of my weight, shows....but this dress compliments and accentuates your curves.  The dress will smooth you out in the right places and will hug your curves, like a fitted glove.  The back of the dress is open and backless, making it perfect to show off your toned body and back.  

This little black bandage dress is made up of 90% Rayon, 9% Nylon and 1% Spandex, which means...NO IRONING!  You can pack this dress in your suitcase and don't have to worry about wrinkles, as this dress is wrinkle free! 

I tried this dress on the day I received it...THANKS Holly O Boutique, and I had no problems at all getting it on.  From the front view, I loved it!  it hugged my body and showed off my curves.  From the side view, it did show my tummy, but that is not the dress's fault.  I have a stomach and I have a little back fat, which means, I need to work on that.  Overall, I love love love the dress and plan on getting in shape so I can wear this out.  

It's a beautiful dress.  It's made out of very high quality material and is not flimsy in no sort of way and I love the simpleness of the dress, yet it's still sexy!  I chose the Large, as this dress seems to run on the smaller size.

If you have a big party or a special vacation planned, you need to check out Holly O Boutique on Amazon or check out Holly O Boutique original website for more great outfits! Maybe you have a daughter who is getting ready for prom or a dance...this dress will make a statement!



***I received the above product, for testing purposes, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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