Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cashemere Falls Heavenly Hydration Review

Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration is not your ordinary Argan Oil.  Argan Oil is an excellent product for many things, especially hair, but with Heavenly Falls Heavenly Hydration, you are getting a product that will give your hair a soft, shiny and healthy look, without the drips from a thinner Argan Oil.

Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration will not give you the mess, oily and greasy feeling as other Argan Oils and is thicker than most, to give your hair that soft manageable feeling that will have everyone asking, "what's your secret?"

Not only is the Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration excellent for your hair, but it's also great for your skin, with anti-aging ingredients as well as wrinkle fighting antioxidants.  I've tried the Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration and I was surprised this was an Argan Oil.  I was used to Argan Oils that were more thinner...I wasn't expecting a premium grade Moroccan Argan Oil to be this thick.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it!  It's just the first time I've seen an Argan oil that had a thicker consistency.

As with any Argan Oil, it doesn't take much to give your hair that healthy, shiny, sheen look.  I put a few drops on my fingers, rub them together gently and run through the bottom of my hair.  I don't apply the Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration, nor any other Argan Oil, near my scalp, as I don't want my hair to feel oily.  The tips of your hair, to almost halfway up, should be where you should apply the Oil.

This Argan Oil treatment has a No-Drip blend and is odor free.  It comes in a dark, shatter-proof bottle with a pump top, which means, less mess!   This hair treatment is fantastic for repairing & strengthening ALL HAIR TYPES, including dry, bleached, color-treated & damaged. PLUS its lightweight, quick-absorbing formula has been shown to heal split ends fast!

You can grab your Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration HERE and start experiencing healthy, glowing hair as well as radiant skin and healthy nails.  

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

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