Sunday, October 4, 2015

Get Naked - With Naked Winery Wines #NakedWinery

You heard me...Get Naked!  It's time to get Naked with Naked Winery!  If you've been following me, you should know by now, just how much I love my wine!  And when I notice the name, Naked Winery, I had to check it out.  Yep, the name says it all!  It's sassy, classy and very creative...just like their wines.

How do you like your wine?  Chilled or not chilled. Red or White. Sweet or a rich full bodied flavor?  There are many types and flavors of wine and Naked Winery has you covered.  It's almost challenging to pick or choose the right wine with certain foods and certain occasions. Red wines tend to go well with red meat, steaks and cheeses.  My personal favorite red wine is Merlot.  White wines, such as Muscato, are sweet and will go well with crab, lobster or shellfish.

Some of the wines that I received from Naked Winery (and may I add, I graciously thank Naked Winery!), include the following.  Take note, these aren't your classic 'names' for wines, but they sure are fun and I had a blast reading the back labels of each one.

  • Sure Thing Symphony- hints of pineapple, mango and citrus - sweet goodness
  • Naked Winery Merlot - smooth and fruity. notes of dark cherry, blackberry & black currant
  • Gay Rose - light and fruity
  • Outdoor Vino Rambling Red - blend of Merlot & Cabernet. Full Flavor and smooth.
  • Climax Red Blend - Big, Robust and fulfilling flavor
  • Outdoor Vino Picnic Table Pink - Sweet, light and carefree
  • Hook Up Muscat 2014 - floral hints of orange peel & wild flowers. Big and Bold
  • Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon - cherry & black currant. Soft oak a leathery notes
  • Foreplay Chardonnay - crisp & refreshing.  hint of juicy green apples & ripe pears
  • Naked Pinot Noir - 
  • Outdoor Vino Wanderlust White - hint of sweetness exploding with fruit flavors.  Perfect for BBQ's
  • Naked Pinot Gris - smooth, ripe and silky. Light and playful fruity flavors of candied green apples.

NOW.....I'm sure you noticed the clever names...Climax Red, Penetration Cabernet and Foreplay Chardonnay? Yep, very clever and unique.  And each bottle has it's own little quote on the back of the bottle, their take, on what the wine stands for (be prepared for some PG-13 reading!)  Naked Winery has any type of wine you may be looking for.  They have Sweet, Red, Whites, Outdoor Vinos and Orgasmic wines.  Yes, I said Orgasmic wines!  You can purchase individual bottles or purchase them in bundles.  Some of the bundles include: Pink Passion Pack, Smitten Kitten and Dirty Dozen, just to name a few.  Check out Naked Winery's site and see all the creative wines they have.  

My favorite out of all the Naked Winery Wines?  ALL OF THEM!  Okay, but since I'm a regular Merlot drinker, trying the Sure Thing Symphony was one of my favorite White Wines.  It had hints of Pineapple, Mango and citrus flavors and a nice sweet taste to it.

With a name like Naked Winery and the theme of their whole wines, it's hard to not check out their wide variety of wines!

***I received some of the products above, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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