Friday, October 2, 2015

Grand UK Princess Kate Middleton Fashion Necklace by Fun Daisy

Ok, it's obvious that we all can't live like a celebrity, much less, one of the most famous people of the world, Princess Kate Middleton.  We may love her style, but we sure in the heck can't afford it! BUT....we can try!  There is totally nothing wrong in imitating a style of a famous person, or even someone you admire.  But unless you have their income, you may have to settle for the imitation.
I see nothing wrong in buying a piece of jewelry, clothing or even a handbag that is not authentic.  My theory is, if it looks pretty and I like the style and like the way it looks, then I love it!  The necklace below is, of course, an imitation of the necklace that UK Princess Kate Middleton has been seen wearing.  It is by Fun Daisy and Fun Daisy has a way of coming up with some unique and exquisite jewelry.  This necklace is not lightweight!  It's not too heavy, but it does have a little weight to it.  The intricate details of all the stones, nestled into this necklace makes this a very elegant necklace.

The Grand UK Princess Kate Middleton Fashion necklace is made of sturdy material and consist of alloy.  This necklace will dress up that little black dress or jumpsuit you may have in your closet or a statement piece to add the finishing touches to a prom dress.  You won't pay no where close to the price of a UK Princess, but only a tiny fraction of that.  This necklace, by Fun Daisy on Amazon, is less than $25.00!  It's such a beautiful piece in person and will dress up even the most simplest outfit.

***I received a complimentary necklace, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions are solely my own.

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