Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fit Simple- 7 Piece Portion Control Containers

With the holidays upon on us and the new year soon rolling around, many of us will be making our New Year's resolutions.  One of those resolutions will be to lose weight.  That may be one of the hardest things to do, especially after feasting on Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Fit Simple has made it easier for us to control our portion sizes.  When it comes to losing weight, portion size is one of the main things we need to remember when trying to lose weight.  It's not that you have to eliminate the foods you just need to know how to portion them out, without over doing it.  

These Fit Simple 7 Piece Portion Control Containers take the guess work out of how much you should be eating.  Many of us may THINK we know how big a portion size is, but do we really?  I was shocked to see just how big (or small) a portion size is when I received the Fit Simple Portion Control Containers.  My first instinct was..."I'M GONNA STARVE..I'M LITERALLY GOING TO STARVE!" 

I actually don't think that will be the case, but it does help to know just how much we should, or should not, be eating.  These Fit Simple 7 Piece Portion Control Containers come with a small helpful guide, that tells you what each color represents.  It also comes with a link to a download of 7 Free Recipes.  The Fit Simple 7 Piece Portion Control Containers makes measuring food easy.  These containers are made with high quality materials that are both dishwasher and microwave safe.  They are 100% leak proof due to the easy snaps on each container.  Just place the lid on the container, press down until the tabs 'pop' and are slightly raised.  To open:  just press down on the tabs to release the lid.

AND...since these handy little containers are leak proof, there is no reason why you can't travel with these.  Making sure you have your portion control meals on hand, makes it easier for you to resist eating too much and will help you on your journey to losing weight.  I love that these containers are color coded.  It makes it simple to know what foods go in each one.

GREEN:    Vegetables
PURPLE:   Fruit
YELLOW:  Carbs
ORANGE:  Nuts, Seeds and Oils
RED:           Protein
BLUE:        Healthy Fats

As you can see, your two largest containers are Fruits and Vegetables.  This is what you should be eating more of and what most of your plate should consist of.  Your smallest container is the Orange - Nuts, seeds and Oils.

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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